Cleaning and protection package

Step 1 Under tray and wheel arch liner removal

All underbody covers including wheel arch liners are removed and receive a full deep clean. Great care is taken to ensure that all fixings are collected and stored ready for when the underbody is to be reassembled to the car.

Step 2 Inspection

Your car is put on a lift, enabling our technicians to examine its condition underneath and create a plan of work. We clean the underbody of the car by removing any salts, rust and flaking paint. These contaminants will act as an unstable layer beneath the protection potentially allowing it to fail sowe clean and break down the grease leaving the surface ready to take a treatment.

Step 3 Ice blasting as required

The concept is similar to other blast cleaning applications where an ‘abrasive’ is accelerated in a stream of compressed air.

Dry ice blasting uses solid carbon dioxide (CO2) as the blast media and due to its unique properties provides a non-abrasive, ecological 'zero-waste' alternative to the more 'traditional' methods and in comparison, is less intrusive and less aggressive even than the 'least-harmful' soda blasting.

Step 4 Cavity wax, dinitrol or lanoguard

Protection is applied to the underbody. Kingsley uses either DINITROL or Lanoguard underbody protection dependant on the area / vehicle. Cavity wax is used to treat body cavities and prevent rust formation by displacing the moisture content from the cavities.

Step 5 Reassemble

Great care is taken to re-assemble the underbody to your vehicle. All fixings are re-installed to their exacting specification.

Step 6 Wash or detail

Your car is professionally cleaned inside and out and is ready for collection with you safe in the knowing that it is protected.