Dry Ice Blasting

How It Works

The concept is synonymous with all blast cleaning applications where an ‘abrasive’ is accelerated in a stream of compressed air. Dry ice blasting uses solid carbon dioxide (CO²) as the blast media and due to its unique properties provides a non-abrasive, ecological ‘zero-waste’ alternative to the more ‘traditional’ methods and in comparison, is less intrusive and less aggressive even than the ’least-harmful’ soda blasting.

Automotive Dry Ice Blasting

By its very low temperature (-79°C) dry ice provides potent thermal energy that on impacting the surface provokes an immediate detachment of the contamination – the so-called ‘thermal shock’ effect and as the dry ice pellets immediately sublime on contact (turning from solid to a harmless gas), this doesn’t create any additional waste.


Reduced wear

No liquids

Reduced downtime